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      Our company attended the first Jiangmen famous and high quality commodity sales exhibition.

      2012/7/2 17:01:27
      On May 25, the first "China"s first overseas Chinese hometown--guangdong jiangmen famous commodity fair"was open in chengdu international convention and exhibition center, new century city grandly, this exhibition of more than 200 exhibiting companies, more than 360 booths, including nearly ten thousand kinds of products. My company is positive response to the call of jiangmen city, took part in the commodity fair.
      At the fair, the customer to talk with you face to face with chengdu, has achieved good effect; But at the same time, through this exhibition that chengdu public awareness "jiangmen manufacturing", know our company, with the behavior of the chengdu opportunity, open the door of the strategic cooperation docking.

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