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      Acupuncture and massage therapy to help families stay up all night insomnia

      2011/10/19 9:42:13

      Today, more and more rich people"s nightlife, stay up all night seems to be a "fashion", but this unhealthy way of life gave a great health risk. Often stays up late, wang and other symptoms can easily latch onto you. Coupled with dry weather, people like to eat hot foods to resist cold, easier to increase the "angry" symptoms. At this point, try acupuncture massage therapy, removal of the "false fire."


       Chinese medicine believes that late at night will cause wang, wang said so Chinese often stay up late to occur in a "night owl" and the older age groups. Wang-type insomnia patients, except for difficulties in falling asleep after going to bed, early awakening, or more than the middle of intermittent wake, or dream of a nightmare, Sishuifeishui, or overnight sleep and other major symptoms, often with both upset, palpitations, dysphoria, fever, sweating, thirst, throat, mouth erosion, red tongue, little coating, pulse breakdown and other symptoms commonly known as lit. This court disaster "fire" is not clear that simply drink herbal tea can solve the heat of the "real fire", but the Chinese call "virtual fire."


       Acupuncture point selection by the kidney to the heart through the main points, such as the door of God, the customs, according to the sea, big hills, etc., acupuncture for reducing heart, kidney by, soothe the nerves of law.

       Point foot massage

       Before going to bed half an hour a day, barefoot in the cobbled road (which can also purchase plastic health Easy Road) go about 5-10 minutes, or foot massage, foot acupuncture points to stimulate remove false fire cure for insomnia purpose.

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